Android Basics Student Projects

It is a medicine inventory app for users to add, update and remove medicines. You can track the quantity of the available medicines and call the supplier when you want to order any medicine.

Marwa Eltayeb Alexandria, Egypt

An Tech Product Inventory Application with SQLite database to save product name, image, description, quantity, supplier information

person AmrDeveloper

Simple and straight-forward news app based on the editorial section of The Guardian ( Designed with a great focus on the latest trends in Material Design this year.

Amaël Sikel (r4dixx) Paris, France

This is not the most complicated one, buy it’s fun to recall something about Boy Bands which were so popular in the 90’s.

Diana Valeyeva Moscow, Russia

This is a combination of Project 8 and 9 of the Udacity Android Basic Nanodegree Programme by Google.This app help to keep track of books sold and manage the supply of books in a book store. It can also be modified to other goods.

Esther Weyinmi Koloh North Rhine-Westphalia , Germany

5th Project for Udacity. It’s a simple tour guide app of Bologna: in the 4 tabs it shows different activities to be done within the town. The last tab provides easy sentences to be heard in the local dialect

person Francesca Borsari Bologna, Italy

This application, the 5th project of Android Basics Nanodegree, introduces users to VILNIUS, capital city of Lithuania: unique design with b&w pictures, corresponding font, nice coordinator layout that hides views when scrolling, 6 lists filled with attractive objects, each one has description page with links to Google map, further info, etc., possiblity for user to make your own Favorites list.

Greta Grigutė Vilnius, Lithuania

This app displays a list of products within a database. It lets the user add, edit or remove products from it. It also allows the user to get in touch with the supplier of a product!

Javier Furus Szeged, Hungary

App gives useful information for an İstanbul tour.

Cansu Aktas Tekirdag, Turkey

In this app you can find 6 different cool places in Lisbon per category: art and culure, eat, drink and parks! There you can find description of amazing areas in different neighborhoods! From bookshops to a historic tram 28! Come visit Lisbon!

Bruno André Lisbon, Portugal

An app for tracking inventory, registering quantity of sold products and giving you the option to contact the supplier to order additional quantities.

person Osama Chaban Sweden

This app uses the Guardian API to display news articles on the phone. The user can customize the articles that are shown by inputting a specific word or group of words. The user can also choose how many articles will be displayed as well as in what order.

Elisa Simone London, UK

My second project - the Score Keeper App is made to be more like a game rather than just a counter. It might not be the most advanced of my apps but it has been my first milestone and gave me lots of motivation to work harder therefore I have showcased it here.

Piotr Borowiec Poznan, Poland

Stockholm Tour Guide app gives brief introduction of this city and provides information about tours, hotels and restaurant recommendations.

person Qiongshu Zhang Stockholm, Sweden

A Monterrey Tour Guide App which presents relevant information to a user who’s visiting the city.

Fabien Boismoreau Mont-de-Marsan, France

An app for reading news(Guardian), with notifications and offline reading options. User can choose which sections to follow and sort them, bookmark and share the articles s/he liked.

Oya Canli Namur, Belgium