Mobile Web Specialist Student Projects

An application which allows user to view list of restaurants and sort them by cuisine or location, view restaurant details with reviews, add their own review and favourite a restaurant. This app uses service worker for working offline, IndexedDB to store some info on the client and backgorund sync for sending reviews while offline. It is fully responsible and progressive.

svmi3195 Vilnius, Lithuania

A Restaurant Reviews is a Three Stage Project - For Mobile Web Specialist Certification Course.

Ali Mahmoud Minya, Egypt

A progressive web app created to be performant and accessibile by every type of user.

person Luca Arato Turin, Italy

Restaurant Reviews is a fully Responsive, Accessible, Progressive Web Application (PWA) optimized for speed and performance with a true Offline-First experience.

Roberth Hansson-Tornéus Shenzhen, China

A Restaurant Reviews Project, which I implemented for Udacity Web Specialist Nanodegree.

Server Khalilov Kaiserslautern, Germany

Eat is a web app to choose what you want, wherever you are!

Tatiana Passarella Rome, Italy

The Restaurant Reviews project, is a mobile-ready PWA application, that allow the user look for a restaurant nearby; you can filter restaurants by Neighborhoods and Cuisines and also locate the restaurants in a google maps. After you find your choice, you can navigate to the details of a restaurant, where you can find more information like Opening hours, ratings and reviews.

Javier Exposito Barcelona, Spain

A progressive web application that offer a list of restaurants with locations and other infos. The user, even offline, can open previously visited pages, can add a restaurant as favorite or can even send a review for a restaurant.

Vlad Alexandru Ghenade Comanesti, Romania

Mobile Web Specialist Resturant App, Udacity Stage 3 project

Moumen Soliman Cairo, Egypt

This is a Restaurant Review App that has been built on PWA principles within the Udacity Mobile Web Specialist course.

Michael Stadler Vienna, Austria

Udacity’s “Mobile Web Specialist Restaurant Reviews App” Project

Dariusz Włodarczyk Krotoszyn, Poland

Restaurant Reviews Web App. It’s performant, accessible and mobile ready web application. Can work online and offline.

Andrey Bozhinskiy Moscow, Russia

A web application in which the criteria of responsive design, accessibility, and offline-first techniques are applied to list, filter, add to favs, and add reviews to restaurants in the neighborhood

Asmaa El-Basioni Cairo, Egypt

Through this project you can view restaurants, add them to favorites and add reviews to them. The project has been enhanced to be more accessible, available for offline usage using service workers and responsive for all device sizes.

person Rana Emad Cairo, Egypt

A web application that list restaurants in New York city, you can filter restaurants by cuisine, also you can see reviews on the restaurant or add a review on it or even add it to your favourites.

Mohammad Fouad Cairo, Egypt

A web application for reviewing restaurants. It is [x] responsive down to mobile [x] accessible [x] offline ready [x] performant for PWA standards. Check out the github repo for the Lighthouse scores!

Victor Scaiceanu Antibes, France

Restaurant Progressive App that allow users to mark restaurants as favorite and add reviews to any restaurant while the user either online or offline.

Mohamed Sayed Cairo, Egypt

A Web app that lists restaurants by neighbourhoods and cuisine. Users are able to mark their favorite restaurant, add reviews while online and offline.

Abdihakin Abdullahi Bolton, England

Restaurans website with ability to work offline as an application. If no internet connection all data stores in IndexedDB. Service worker makes it possible to work offline and cache responses of requests.

Zasypin Nikolai Yaroslavl, Russia

Read information about restaurants, add them to your favorites, write and read reviews. And do it offline at all (thanks to the Service Worker and IndexedDb)!

Roberto Bianchi Imperia, Italy

An app for finding restaurants by cuisine type in the US. Users are able to tag a restaurant as a favourite, read reviews and add their own reviews. In addition, the website will also work while offline, thanks to a new web technology called the Service Worker.

Nicolas Marcora London, England