Front-end Developer Student Projects

A Web App for a local sightseeing map built from scratch using React, Google API and FourSquare API. User is provided with points of interest in Vigo area as interactive markers that show unique information and pictures.

Esperanza N. González Vigo, Spain

A single-page application built with React featuring an interactive map of Dublin with marked locations of interest. The application uses the Google Maps JavaScript API for map services and the FourSquare API for fetching location data.

Keith Scully Dublin, Ireland

This application was build using React and allows users to access information about five different locations in London using the foursquare API and google maps API.

Gopika Bejoy Darlington, UK

React App with Valencia monuments. Connect monuments with Google Maps and Wikipedia API.

Bernardo Martín Valencia, Spain

Match those cards in pairs. You know you want to.

Ewa Stasiak Poland

A map application built with React that shows all found instances of a ‘castle’ from Wikipedia. On clicking a marker, a brief description of the castle will appear.

Bartek Burkot Kraków, Poland

An interactive and responsive web application built with React JS, Google Maps API, Forsquare API and Unsplash API. The map is centered in the city centre of Newcastle upon Tyne and it is showing 15 locations that are fetched from the Forsquare API.

Athanasios Markou Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Interactive accessible map with places in Berlin. chose your favourite and see it’s image and street panorama

Ahmed Korim Ain-Shams Cairo, Egypt

A web application built with react and google maps.It displays a map centered on Athens,with 30 museum locations fetched from Foursquare API,and a side menu with all the museums listed .Clicking on a marker or a list-item pops up an info window with details about the selected museum.Details content is also from Foursquare. The side menu could be shown or hidden according to user needs. There is also an option to filter the side-menu-list places in order to display on map only the desired ones.

Foteini Kollia Athens,Greece

A single page React app featuring a map of child-friendly restaurants in Cracow. A user can filter locations by restaurant’s name and click each marker to display info window with details and a street view.

Agata Czerwińska Rybnik, Poland

A minimalistic game to test and improve your memory, which in my case is pretty short :D.

Veselin Tonev Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Classic memory game Fallout Edition. Boost your memory by find matching pairs of vault boy images. The game is timed and has a score rating so you can try and better your score.

Carol Hodgson Yorkshire, UK

Find the best venues in your location! Final FEND project with some extra functionalities.

Rafal Bagrowski Warsaw, Poland

A single page application featuring a map showing locations of Asian Restaurants in Warsaw. It’s possible to filter restaurant’s by category or name. Clicking on marker or on restaurant’s name will open a window with information about the venue.

Klara Borowska Warsaw, Poland

Initially this started as only a location for all the suburban train stations in Dublin but I’ve decided to expand it and I am now integrating other areas of interest as well as timetables for the trains. Still a work in progress.

Rodrigo Cunha Dublin, Ireland

Interactive map with the most iconic places in New York. Pick your favorite spot in the city and see a gallery of photos related to that place.

Bycor Sánchez Sánchez Canary Islands, Spain

This is a crazy game with ‘Easter Egg’, small eggs, hens, hearts, rocks, and gems! Play for fun!

Iwona Kolanowska Milanówek, Poland

A simple game to test your memory, designed in jungle style. The game is fully responsive and should look good on any device.

Julija Us Klaipeda, Lithuania

A single page web application to find all the grills and late night food places in Tampere, Finland. The list is provided by Foursquare and the results are shown on the map and in a list aside. A filter element is provided to search the grills by name and all the functionalities ar rendered in a modern, pleasant and screen reader friendly UI.

Ivan Teso Tampere, Finland

A single page Mar to find historical heritage of the department of Herault in France Search places, click on markers or places to see Fickr photos around that place. Enjoy, a wonderful part of France!

Alain Cadenat Paris, France

A Fan Art inspired by the great The Witcher Universe and its Gwent card game. Select your faction and try to find all the matching cards in the shortest time!

Cedric Fontaine Paris, France