Android Developer Student Projects

A lightweight app with a simple UI for browsing Reddit. Show posts of a selected subreddit. Or display detailed information about a specific post, including images, GIFs and top comments.

Andrius Narbuntas London, United Kingdom

Route Tracker app tracks the routes of user by using on device GPS. This app is created for travelers, hikers and all individuals who want to keep record of their outdoor activities. Main features of the app: saves route information into database, displays list of user routes previously saved into database, displays selected route on the Map, displays selected route summary on the screen, user can share his/her routes with friends.

Vassili Kurman Southampton, United Kingdom

Are you passionate about the sea? Are you in Sardinia? Discover all its stunning beaches, from the best known to the hidden ones. Search by name, location or directly exploring the map. Read the reviews and look at the pictures, mark the beaches you have visited and list them among your favourite ones. Pick your destination and make a list of the beaches you would like to visit.

Agostino Coppolino Milazzo, ME, Italy

Gratitude, “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.”, it’s a charity app. Doesn’t solve any problem, unfortunately. His purpose it’s to sensibilize people through informations about organizations and projects. Thanks to (GlobalGiving)[] Find the project you care about and help other, giving help receiving gratitude. Be Gratitude!

Gianni Andrea Cavalli Milan, Italy

PetCare application will help you to better take care of your fur babies. You could enter information about your pets, details about them like gender, breed, type, weight, age, if they are neutered/spayed, if they have any health issues. You could also search for veterinary offices nearby and call to a veterinary office in order to make an appointment.

Ramona Cristea Galati, Romania

Boring for waiting a waiter when you sit in a restaurant? Take My Order is an application which allows a customer to take orders directly from his Android device. It allows to view the restaurant’s menu, select desidered food, save foods into favourites, call a waiter from his device and submit the order, paying with an online service.

Federico Creti Città di Castello, PG, Italy

Do you shop food products every day, every week? Do your friends bother you with the numbers of calories, the quality of the products? Foodesto is an application that can scan a multitude of food products and thus highlight their impact on health. By giving all the details (Calories, sugars, additives … etc). Foodesto is based on a very simple principle. Users are required to scan food products of any type, then the application will perform an assessment

Nour Elislam SAIDI Paris, France

MessageMe is a messaging application built on firebase. Create your profile and MessageMe will find your friends allowing you to send messages and pictures to each other with delivery reports.

person Martin Seal Birmingham UK

Scene Teleprompter helps you while creating a video/scene in front of a camera by showing you the script you should read (automatically-scrolling due to specified speed) to avoid from miss spelling mistakes, which in-turn will save your time reshooting the video again and again.

Bilal Hairab

Did you ever rented a house and forgot to pay the bills? Did you wondered how to keep track of all these expenses? The electricity bill, council tax or satelite TV subscription, you name it. Xpenso was built to solve this problem and notify you when it’s time to pay your bills, rates or rents.

Liviu Rau Bucharest, Romania

Kitchen Assistant helps you track your food, prepare a meal plan and create a shopping list. In addition to that, you can either select recipes from the public database or add your own and see how much people like it.

Musap Kahraman Trabzon, Turkey

Are you interested in life and events around? The app will help you find interesting events around your placement. Conferences, meetings, games, music events, warnings, etc. Did you notice something interesting or are you the organizer of the event? Feel free to share with others. The application allows you to add several types of events with an indication of the exact location.

Alexander Gorshunov Vladimir, Russia

Local Radio is an app for searching and listening to radio broadcasts over the internet. It can:

  • search from the UberStations directory with more than 30000 live radio stations across the world.
  • search broadcasts based on country and/or city.
  • search for stations in a specific area on the map.

person Vladimir Mikhalev Belgorod, Russia

App to change our consumption habits, fight against climate change and take part of relieving the world in hunger in our everyday life.

Juan Antonio Cobos Obrero Córdoba, Spain

My Dishes is a cooking recipes App, you can search with some keywords to get the full recipe for your delicious meal or enter some ingredients and you will get your recipe, And you can save at favourites and explorer it offline.

Emad Abd Elhamid Alexandria, Egypt

Weigh your guinea pig is an app that would allow you to easily keep track of your guinea pigs on your phone, saving the need for spreadsheets or even pen and paper.

Teresa November London, United Kingdom

PROFITCON is a Navigator in the cryptocurrency world. The application will help you to track changes in the value of cryptocurrencies, make a portfolio with your coins. In the app you can find all the popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (Bitcoin), Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, IOTA, Cardano, Stellar and many others. Data on the current value of cryptocurrencies are collected automatically, based on the CoinMarketCap service rates. The application displays the current rate and the corresponding balance of the user’s assets.

Erdem Tsynduev Chita, Russia

OpenDo is a simple, open source smart task list that makes it easy to plan your day. Whether for work, school or home, OpenDo helps you increase productivity and reduce stress. The app was built for Udacity Android Nanodegree Capstone project and uses Firebase as it’s backend.

Mykhaylo Marfeychuk Faro, Portugal

When the sun is at the highest point, it’s noon, so it’s 12:00 p.m., right? That’s the way things should be. This app shows you the solar time at your location. 12:00 p.m. is natural solar noon, and the sun is at its highest point. 12:00 a.m. is the natural solar midnight, and the sun is at its lowest point. See solar time in comparison to your zone time in the main app, and see the solar time in a nifty widget. You can use this app to wake up at a solar time of your choosing.

person Michael Kreikenbaum

Remember all your memories relating to your close people by using this app, the BringCloser. Brush up your and your close people’s lives by giving and/or receiving:

  • wish on a specific occurrence (e.g. birthday, name day, international women’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, etc.),
  • reminder on a scheduled event (e.g. school leaving exam, interview for the dream job, etc.), and
  • private thoughts on a key happening (e.g. first date, first anniversary, first flowers to buy someone, etc.). While the wish and the scheduled event are pretty straightforward, private thought may require more explanation. This item does not get shared with your close person immediately (except if you want so) but stored and you can share it manually anytime you want. This app focuses on your memories (interactions with close people) from your everyday life, and to give it back in a smooth manner.

László Karsai Gothenburg, Sweden

WhatsInMyFridge helps you to do not waste your ingredients proposing to you simple recipes. You add what you have in the dispensation and WhatsInMyFridge will suggest to you the dish that does to your case!

person Alessandro DI BELLA Nice, France

The app guides you through the city of Kuldīga by giving clues to the most interesting sightseeing places. The app keeps track of how many locations have been found, when a place is found, it is added to a discovered list. When a location has been discovered, more information is provided in the app.

person Ivars Briedis Riga, Latvia

WonderAndWander app is a simple app that helps you to decide whether a city is the one you are looking for, in every aspect. You can search cities, see most important things from safety to cost of living about cities. WonderAndWander app will store the cities you favorited if you logged in. This way you never need to remember which city you liked once upon a time. It also helps you to compare the cities so you can decide better. Don’t wait, wonder and wander now.

Melih Gültekin Istanbul, Turkey

QuizNerd is a multiplayer quiz game developed for programmers and IT enthusiasts. You can challenge your friends and compete in matches that consist of a large variety of different programming questions. QuizNerd comprises over 800 different questions in 9 categories, including Android, C++, C#, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Swift.

Ferdinand Mütsch Karlsruhe, Germany

MyWay is a gps track recording application, that lets you record any outside activities. You can record biking, hiking, walking and various other activities. It shows your speed, elevation, distance, time. It lets you revisit previous recordings too.

Tamás Müller

Teach yourself English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Swedish, Russian, or Turkish by speaking.

Mikhail Pontus Moscow, Russia

You love reading Books, Comics, Mangas but you never remember which one you have already read or bought? Book Memo will help you remember all for you. With Book Memo, you will be able to create your own library directly in your phone. Not only create, but also research, export and display statistics of your library!

Pauline Klein Paris, France

Global News is an Android app that lets you see the latest headlines using, the app also display local news according to the users’ location in US, Canada, UK, France, Sweden and Egypt. The app has a widget, so you can see your favorite articles at a glance.

Yahia AbdelWahab Egypt

The App provides an online entertainment store experience, similar to Google Play but targeting only specific entertainment types (Books, Games, and Movies). The products will be stored in a firebase real time database and provided to the app dynamically. The app will provide the users with a detailed product description and allow them to get a good overview before proceeding to any purchase. The users will have the chance to use this application in multiple devices, as it will allow them to login via firebase andwill then sync all their data across all of their devices. The users will have access to their purchases even after uninstalling the application and will be able to restoreany previously purchased apps and browse their purchase history.

Bahaa Ibrahim Egypt

A new running app that allows the user to completely customize his track configuration, alternating walking and running according to the user needs, very useful especially for newbies and for people that wants to reach longer track records! Once the configuration is set, a voice will notify the user whether he has to walk or run and so on for each pace change. It can also save the configurations, the user can choose one of them in an easy-to-read list. The app also monitors the user activities, showing the distance, calories and time. The app widget shows the resume of today activities (distance, calories and time)

person Marina Dorelli Italy

Location tracking app with cloud sync and an easy to use interface. Trakr records geographical position and path during outdoor activities like walking, hiking, running, biking, boating, motorbike riding, driving or even flying. Users can record tracks, view them, analyze the elevation and speed/pace profiles, export them as GPX file, back them up to cloud and synchronize between devices.

Daniel Vokó Hungary

Whether you want to relax, make your commute more interesting, laugh like never before, or learn something new, Blue Podcast has you covered. It offers a huge amount of podcasts which talk about many different topics, such as business & finance, reality stories, entrepreneurship, design, comedy, education, fitness & health, movies and much more. Blue Podcast has a very modern, beautiful and in intuitive design. It has a rich selection of staff picked, featured and popular podcasts.

Vid Bregar Slovenia

The app features knowledge on selected by the user topic as a game prompting the user with challenging questions, providing feedback based on the user’s input and an additional question-related information from Wikipedia and YouTube references. Quiz Explorer content will engage the user to compete with itself with the single purpose to become its better version and come back to challenge his new knowledge again.

Stoyan Korudzhiev Sofia, Bulgaria

In the Medicine reminder app the user can add reminders for the medicine to be taken and get notified at the current time. The user can also view medicine history. There is also an option for getting stock remindersif you want to get notified when the stock of medicines is over.

Sudha Jampala Lyon, France.

Radical News gives the reader the power to read and look for every article worldwide on demand.

Feras Sayyaj Amman, Jordan

Simple application to track and explore all the information from your favourite movies and series.

Goran Minov London, United Kingdom

Cosmetique Organique is for you if you are looking for better and healthier ways of taking care. It contains recipes for homemade, organic cosmetics that are free from chemicals and preservatives.

Jagoda Sylwester Katowice, Poland

Trippo is your smart travel guide - it’s free and works offline, too! Our awesome algorithms crunch through millions of websites and reviews to deliver unique recommendations across 50,000 destinations worldwide!

Nuh Koca Bielefeld Area, Germany

Have you ever wondered about how is the book you just have in your hand and what do people think about it? Maybe you always wanted a honest review by someone like you but you never could have in that moment.

Jonathan Imperato Florence Area, Italy